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The Half-Light


Will Kai be able to unlock his potential, and can he handle the risks?

Prince Kai’s life was transformed the moment he witnessed the death of his mother—killed by a dragon in the palace garden right in front of him. After years of sheltered isolation, Kai is desperate to find his way in a changing world. So he sheds his royal detail by venturing out of the confines of Diu city alone.

When two people from his mother’s past come to test him, they discover Kai is more than he should be. The catalyst of bonding with a Nebean black wolf sparks an awakening in Kai—an awakening that should have been impossible. Now they must teach Kai how to control and hide his gifts, at the great risk of exposing their magical civilization to an unfriendly world.

Mentored by his cousin, the newly appointed Master General Cazier, and the spy Riome, Kai must find a way to navigate the challenges of being a teenager, the burdens of being a prince, and the secret of being a Half-Light.

Mariana's Secret​

Will the discovery of a new power bring destruction or propel Kai forward?

Prince Kai is his own worst enemy. Nothing about his life is within his control. Although warned not to experiment with his gifts, he is determined to take control of his fate. His struggle to take matters into his own hands lands him in deep water—literally.

Choices have consequences; regrettably, his family will pay the price for his decisions. But anger is a painful emotion to manage, especially when everyone keeps secrets and tells lies. The truth behind his mother’s fate, shatters Kai’s precious relationship with Kendra. Mariana’s deepest secrets begin to fall like leaves off a tree.

Coupled with an old foe, a mysterious stranger attacks Diu and rocks the foundation of Kai’s life. Faced with a life-altering decision, Kai looks to his emerging romance with Rayna to help him take the next step.


Rayna's Sacrifice​

Will the reappearance of Keegan destroy Kai’s life with Rayna?

Locked in a battle against the Katori Guardians, Kai, the headstrong Prince of Diu, must fight to claim his birthright, but gaining access to his magic will not be easy. In an epic struggle, he lays everything on the line to gain the power he needs to search for his mother, Mariana. With Rayna, the love of his life, by his side, he fights for the life he never knew he wanted.

When Kai meets his long-lost grandfather, Lucca, he realizes that Lucca has very different plans for Mariana’s fate. Their lack of trust soon puts them at odds, but when it comes time to test his will against that of his powerful grandfather, will Kai be able to control his newfound abilities? And how could he have foreseen his choices would put him on a collision course with his murderous father, Keegan?

Caught up in a magical life, Rayna must discover her own identity and the range of her new powers. Although her adopted parents gave her everything, she always wanted to know where she came from. While finding her sister gave her comfort, coming face to face with her mother may not be all she hoped. With Keegan hot on their heels, Rayna does the unthinkable and may suffer the consequences.


The Traitor

Although Katori is the paradise Kai sought, why does he find himself drawn back to Diu?

Torn between his past and his future, Kai finds himself caught in a mountain of lies, and his once-loyal friends begin to question his loyalties. Desperate to prevent his father's demise, he plays a dangerous game of tempting fate.

Kai’s bittersweet reunion in Diu reveals a changed city--and not for the better. Poverty and quick tempers rule the streets, and Milnosian soldiers outnumber Diu warriors. Rumors and deception spread like wildfire throughout the palace, threatening to put him on the wrong side of history.

When he is accused of a terrible crime, Kai discovers influential people working against him, and in his efforts to prevail against their treachery, he falls into the hands of the last person he would ever suspect to help him. Labeled a traitor, can Kai prove his innocence, or will he lose everything he holds dear?


Keegan's Wrath

Is Kai strong enough to stop his father Keegan, or will his fear cost him everything?

In the aftermath of Kai revealing the incredible power of Katori magic to the people beyond their borders, many Katori find the world a dangerous place for their kind and flee their homes to avoid persecution. Amid this chaos, Kai fears that his lack of magical visions will leave him in the dark at the worst possible time.

When news of Keegan and his Caroco ships sailing along the Katori shoreline disrupts Kai’s momentary bliss with Rayna, they race to the seaside city of Kahoma. Filled with a lifetime of wrath, Keegan sets in motion a chain of events that turns brother against brother, setting Katori on the path of civil war.

With deception and lies at his disposal, Keegan starts a confrontation that costs Kai the life of someone dear and threatens the fate of Diu. Unsure if he is ready, Kai chases Keegan, driven by the desire to save those he cares for most. Against the backdrop of war, Kai must risk everything to turn the tide in his favor. In the final cataclysmic battle, Kai will face his greatest challenge—his parents.

Days of Dragons, Conspiracy and Young Love

“Honestly, one of the better books I’ve read recently. The plot reveals the possibilities of how the series will run. The action keeps one turning pages. ”


One of Her Best

“Rayna's Sacrifice was a fantastic read. May be one of the best modern novels I have read. All of the novels are spellbinding, captivating and leaving the reader wanting more. I can't wait for the next book!”


Fascinating Sequel

"The mixture of mystery, adventure, romance and character development continues in avid detail. Some questions from the first book were answered but other questions remain and the plot lines keep me turning the pages."


World Map: The Katori Chronicles
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