Lost Souls

The Katori Chronicles • Book 5 (Winter 2021)

Book five of the Katori Chronicles currently in discussion. The Lost Souls title is not confirmed yet. The outline is slowing coming together and the writing process could take a several months to complete. I hope to publish late winter 2021.


As always, I have an early reader provide feedback before we call it finished. After a final review I will uploaded to Amazon for ordering.

Coming Soon

Future Stories

Fantasy Ideas 

After I finish the Katori Chronicles there are a few stories (titles are for inspiration only) that are in various stages of development:

  • Dragon Scale

  • Clouds on the Water

  • Treasure in Bogg Willow

  • The Hollow Man

  • Bone Reader

  • Kora's Lie

  • The Invisible Thief


As with everything, I have my process, before we add it to the website. These stories were pitched to my team, and each received a vote to develop. I look forward to completing the Katori Chronicles and starting on a new project.

Future Books


As any writer will tell you, they have multiple stories fighting for their attention. My focus is to finish these books before starting on other worlds. I may come back to this world someday as Riome and Benmar's stories beg to be told. Note covers are concept only (designs to inspire me) and are subject to change when my designer takes over.