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Future Stories

Fantasy Ideas 

Now that I have finished the Katori Chronicles there are a few stories (titles are for inspiration only) that are in various stages of development:

  • Dragon Scale

  • Clouds on the Water

  • Treasure in Bogg Willow

  • The Hollow Man

  • Bone Reader

  • Kora's Lie

  • The Invisible Thief


As with everything, I have my process, before we add it to the website. These stories were pitched to my team, and each received a vote to develop. I look forward to starting a new project.

Future Books


As any writer will tell you, they have multiple stories fighting for their attention. I recently finished the final book in my series The Katori Chronicles. While I may come back to this world someday, as Riome and Benmar's back stories beg to be told, for now I plan to start something new.

I look forward to sharing something new.

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