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Coming into my own

I learned so much writing my first two books. By the time I started book three, I felt empowered with hidden secrets and tools. However, this did not stop my editor from taking a weedwhacker to the book and cutting seven chapters, and requesting a new ending.

"The third book in this series did not disappoint! It is a thoroughly entertaining roller coaster ride of fast paced and vivid adventures." - Good Reads

I remember being thrilled with my original manuscript and eagerly awaited news from my editor, Keith. I was sure it would only need a few adjustments here and there before it would be perfect. When I received my first round of edits, I can honestly say I was speechless.

His comments were positive, glowing even, then I reached the third chapter of the book. From there, the typical suggestions began—enhance this and cut that. When I neared the middle of the book, I sank in my seat. Let me sum up the rest of his edits with this idea.

Imagine asking a professional landscaper to tidy your yard with pruning shears and a weed-whacker. Only to come home and find he took a machete and a backhoe to everything.

My husband’s response. “Hey, the guy is putting in a pool. Go with it!”

Once I took a two-day breather, I eased into his suggestions, and I began again. With a new purpose for the story, I changed the name and resubmitted it. Because of Keith, this story became something new—something better. Thank you.

Consumed by fever, Kai and Rayna make their way towards Katori. A test of strength journey turns into an almost deadly one as the Katori Guardians do their best to sabotage and prevent its completion.

A true hero's journey

What can I say about book three? It is undoubtedly my favorite. Pushing Kai out of his comfort zone and pulling Rayna into his adventures allowed them both to grow, take risks, and become stronger. The risks Rayna took leaving her quiet simple life changed everything. She inspires me with her confidence.

The search for Mariana came to me in a dream. The river rafting and the island hopping felt so real to me I cannot possibly explain the energy those moments were in my mind. Giving Kai everything he wanted in this book came at a very steep price, but I love all the brief moments.

Weaving Kai’s final moments with his mother made me cry, as did so much of this book. My heart and soul poured into every nook and cranny, breathing life back into me as much as Kai’s journey. I have grown as a writer, and I am thankful for all who follow along. I hope you see it through to the next book.

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