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How it all started

While I love making up stories, I had no idea the life altering journey I writing my story down would create.

"Secrets, castles, dragons… mystery. Great reading for all ages. My 9 year old grandson said it’s his second favorite book next to Harry Potter. He thought the boy, Kai was mischievous.” - Amazon Reader

The Making of an Author

The Half-Light started as a story I told my young son — an adventure involving him and his dog, which ended with his father confronting a dragon. As he grew, he asked to hear it over and over. One night he asked me why is there no mother in the story. I was dumbfounded. How could I create a story without me?

After a restless night, I dreamt about the mother, who she was, and where she went. Given my son’s interest, I thought writing down the story might be fun. The ideas continued to evolve and grow through my son’s interest and the joy of writing them down.

In the end, my son asked, will this be a real book, one I can hold in my hands and others can read? Again, dumbfounded, I had not considered sharing it. After finding an editor to help me polish and improve the story, I self-published it on Amazon.

With Kai’s journey unfinished, I planned out books two and three with the direction of my editor. He taught me so much about how to write an exciting story and avoid the slow mushy middle. Wow, I had no idea. As a new author, I continue to grow and learn. Your positive feedback and critiques are constructive in creating better stories.

Thank you for enjoying my story, and I hope you will give the other books a chance.

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