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The Birth of Book Two

Everything I thought I knew about writing a story started to evolve as I approached book two in the Katori Chronicles. As writers we must continue to grow if we are to become good storytellers.

This book unearths the foundation of lies and half-truths Kai grew up believing. It's a book of secrets.”

Following a story, no matter where it leads.

My son inspired book two on so many levels. The questions he asked...sparked one idea and crushed others...LOL. While I thought it would be the hunt for Mariana, it became about her secrets and everything she held dear. My dreams, my muse, and Mariana herself felt book two needed to be her story as much as it was Kai’s chance to grow into a man.

Oh, and I want to let you in on a little secret. It was always Kai’s fate to marry Amelia, at least in my mind. My son, however, insisted he would meet a girl at the beach, a simple girl that would change his life forever. Their connection needed to transcend anything the world threw their way, so began my love triangle.

Get caught up in rumors and lies in this mind-blowing action-adventure fantasy. Magic and secrets will have you guessing to the very end and craving the next installment.

Creating Keegan was my biggest challenge. It is never easy to head hop into a villain, think, and feel how he does to let the reader understand him. There was only a hint of the darkness inside Keegan at this point, yet I actually had a reader reach out and say he was scary. So cool. I hope you enjoy this year of Kai’s life and are willing to stay on that ship as he crosses Baden Lake into book three.

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