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Surprise it's a boy

Just because your editor chops your book into pieces does not mean those scraps are worthless. While the seven chapters did not fit in book three, they essentially created an unsuspected book four.

“Wow... usually by Book 4 stories tend to go stale and lag a bit in the thrilling department. Not The Traitor. This has all the thrills and fun as the first 3 and more.” - Good Reads

Writing is a challenging enough, toss Covid-19 into the mix and your world goes sideways. Our route

Big things come in small packages

What can I say about the creation of book four? It was never meant to be its own book, yet here it is. Scraps from Rayna’s Sacrifice left in shreds on the editing floor brought to life during a pandemic.

When I published book three days after the world shut down, we all sat and watched everything around us change. Many struggled to find a new sense of normal and cope with being cut off from friends and family. I for one found it challenging, but I am blessed to have people who never gave up on me.

For all those writers who suffer writers block and never give up, bless you. It took a writing class, my editor, and fellow writers to wake my muse and help stir the passion to complete this book in what felt like an upside-down world.

Two worlds are colliding, those of magic and non-magic. People must choose a side and decide where they stand. Kai is caught in the midst of this and some say started a war.
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